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Properties of LED-luminaires give them a wide variety of different use cases. For example, Elsor Oy has developed LED lighting components for clothing also. For more info, see History.

Usually products of Elsor Oy are designed to customer’s specifications to meet exactly all the needs. Currently our selection of different lighting solutions consists of sidelights for snowplows, troffers for hazardous waste facilities, troffers for stowage in trucks and LED-bulbs with Ba15-socket for railway engines.

Elsor Oy has also produced LED-ligthing components for machine vision systems for automotive industry.

What is a LED?

”LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor which produces almost monochromatic light when exited with electric current. Materials used in production of LED define the wave length of the light. This can be further modified with different surface treatments and diaphragms. Bandwidth of radiated light is typically very narrow on LEDs and the color of light is affected by the doping of semiconductor material.”

(Source Wikipedia)

Compared to traditional lighting LEDs are superior. This is because of very high light efficiency, longevity, durability and low energy consumption. LEDs do not have any glass shell nor easily breaking filament.

LED-light fixtures are very small, turn on instantly and they do not heat up.

Because of these superior features LED lighting technology has become more and more general, especially in industrial applications. LED-light fixtures are often the only viable solution for demanding environment. Nowadays LED-light fixtures are commonly used in:

• Street lighting
• Large video-screens
• Traffic lights
• Electronic toys
• TV-sets
• Infrared applications
• Etc.

Usage of LED-lighting fixtures has especially increased in machine vision applications used in manufacturing different components and quality control.

UV-based solutions

Ultraviolet light solutions are increasing rapidly, used for example for sterilization, air and water purification.

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LED-light fixtures for machine vision

Our lighting solutions are used for example in automotive industry for quality control.

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Designing of LED-light fixtures

Elsor Oy has long and broad experience on designing and producing LED-light fixtures. Our clients consists of both Finnish and international successful hi-tech companies.

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