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Solar power

Solar power generators - design and development

Solar power generators are one of our newest products. We have set out to improve on the current systems which we have found to be mostly too inconvenient for consumers. Often the panels themselves cant be directed to dynamically follow the sun and the energy must be stored in batteries. from batteries the energyis converted to 220V direct current, often with poor efficiencies.

Our products use several panels connected in series, from which the high voltage current, about 400-600Vdc in conducted first through an inverter, then directly to your existing grid. Any unused energy can be sold onwards to the power company. By using a simple eletric meter the amount of energy sent to the national power grid can be measured.

The current finnish legislature excempts power stations under 50kW from the eletric tax. We will be conducting tests on our systems through this coming winter of 2011-2012 and our product is planned for sale in 2012.


We have also developed a new type of dynamic solar panel direction system for bigger plants.It allows the development of efficient solar power of up to 1MW .

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