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LED lighting

LED lighting design , development and production

Sini Majuri ja Hempel Awards The characteristics of LED lighting technology makes LED lights suitable for a wide range of very different applications. ELsor Oy: has even produced lights for use in textiles and fashion.

(A dress by young designer Sini Majuri, was equipped with LED lights by Elsor Oy. The dress won honorable mention at the Hempel International Young Designer compettition, during the 2007 China Fashion Week, in Beijing.)

Most of the time Elsor Oy's products are custom designed to customer orders. Some of Elsor Oy's current items in production are lights used in snowplows, ceiling lighting for hazardous waste plants, Ceiling lights for storage areas in trucks and lighting components for trains.

Elsor Oy: has also developped lighting for Machine Vision systems for companies like: Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Skoda. LED VALO

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