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Machine vision

machine vision and LED lighting

Sample machine vision backlight We are the best machinevision led-light manufacturer in Finland. We have the best knowledge of the illumination, because we only make the lights. So we are not a competitor to those who make complete systems.

Many of them ask us to solve their illuminationproblems. We just ask the necessary questions what we need to make the lamp. In many cases we do not know where the light will be used? It is enough to us that client pays our invoice.

Our lights are used for example in qualitycontrol in automotive- factories all ower the world. One light for weldingcontrol is brighter than sun.

Elsor Oy: has also developped lighting for Machine Vision systems for companies like: Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Skoda.

LED light 50W We also make lights for pressurechambers. Led is the only lightsource that can be used reliabely in changing pressures. No usual electronic device can be used in such a chamber. For example condensators may blow up and picture- tube in displays may collapse.

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