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Elsor Oy designs and manufactures LED lighting applications. In the last 10 years LED lighting solutions have become increasingly popular. In comparison to more conventional lighting solutions for example the incandescent light bulb at your home, LED lights offer numerous advantages. LED lighting offers better lumination, LED lights are extremely durable, have a very long useful life and consume considerably less electricity.

LED VALO For companies, organizations and private individuals searching for lighting solutions in situations where such qualities as the brighness of the source or its size, durability, energy consumption or heat emission are deciding factors LED lighting is often proving itself as the best solution.

Alltough Elsor Oy specializes in the design and manufacturing of LED components used in the industrial MACHIVE VISION applications the company does constantly design and develop lighting solutions and elements for a wide variety of other applications. These applications may wary from interior spaces with demainding conditions, such as spaces used in storage and transport, the interiors of boats and ships, engine rooms to lighting solutions designed for outdoor use, such as architectural lighting or vehicle lights etc..

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