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Elsor Oy begun operations in 1983

The company which originally specialized in repairing both industrial and home electronics, was asked by a customer to design and develop durable lights for the snowploughs the customer manufactures. The design was a success and 15 years later the same item is still in production.

The number of LED applications began growing rapily about 10 years ago as white LED lights began emerging on the markets. As a result of this growing demand the company has for [x] years specialized in the design and development of LED lights and lighting components

ELsor Oy is a company with a long history and a high level of expertize regarding design and development of LED lighting. These qualities have allowed us to succesfully continue providing solutions that keep exceeding our clients increasingly complex requirements.

In addition to the most widely used common LED applications, a growing share of our business now comes from developing and producing products that are designed to meet extreme requirements. These types of products vary for example from Machine vision lighting systems which have especially high presicion and size requirements, while other products have to meet the high safety standard requirements in dangerous work places such as mines and other similar environments where flammable or explosize materials may be present.

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Come visit us at the Vision 2016 Stuttgart - fair as well as the Tampere Subcontracting fair 27-29 September 2016 section A641!
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