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Solutions for demanding conditions

Elsor Oy designs custom lighting solutions according to customer requirements. Customer applications and their lighting requirements often vary greatly from one and the other, still they almost always share the same problem. they need to find the best possible solution for conditions often so demanding that only few options can be considered. The qualities of LED lighting often make it the best choice.

In the situations wehre the existing solution needs to be replaced by a more durable and better suited option, Elsor oy will design and develop a lighting system that will meet all the customer requirements.

Wether the customers need lights for indoor or outdoor use, or alternatively inner , outer or indicator lights for vehicles, lights for electronics or Machine Vision sytems lighting for the industry, Elsor oy: has the expertise and know how to design and build the lights best suited to meet the customers requirements.

When developping a light source for new products or systems Elsor Oy provides prototypes for the customers use. The aim is to allow the customer to test and experiment the effects and overall suitability of the lights.

For instance Machine Vision systems may be used to inspect the new product for any possible problems or design faults, different colors of LED lights will reveal different things, and so the customer will better be able to select the type of light that best fits their needs.

The number of LED lighting applications is constantly growing as new methods are developped to replace earlier lighting solutions.
LED Applications:
  • Street lights
  • Architectural lighting
  • Indicator lights
  • Traffic lights and signs
  • Machine Vision
  • Motorcycles
  • Bicycles
  • Various signal lights and signs
  • Portable lights (ex. flashlights)
  • Elevator Push Button Lighting
  • Red or yellow LEDs are used in indicator and alphanumeric displays in environments where night vision must be retained (ex aircraft cockpits)
  • Remote controls
  • In optical fiber communications
  • Plant growth
  • Toys
  • etc..
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